Brass Recycling In Melbourne

Brass is used for a wide variety of products – everything from locks and gears through to doorknobs and musical instruments – but what do you do when one of these items reaches the end of its life? Best Way Scrap Metal offers a convenient solution with our brass recycling service. Whether we pick up your scrap brass in Melbourne from your home or business, or you drop it off at our yard in Kilsyth, our scrap metal collectors will happily accept a wide range of brass alloys and types, including brass plumbing and electrical fixtures. Ensuring we pay the best brass scrap price, we make it simple and rewardable to recycle brass for money!

Scrap Brass Recycling

Why Recycle Brass?

There are many good reasons why it’s so worthwhile to sell brass for recycling. Recycling brass prevents waste from going to landfill while saving energy that would otherwise be used producing new brass alloy material. With almost 90% of brass alloys being recyclable, this is a great way to reduce energy, raw materials and waste, benefitting the environment in the short and long term.

Get the Best Service and Advice from the Scrap Brass Specialists

If you’re looking to get money for brass, our Melbourne yard is the perfect destination. Our team is equipped with the necessary expertise and know-how to provide fair prices as well as the very best service and advice. We don’t just specialise in brass recycling, either; we also offer the best prices for a wide range of other metals, with free pick-up of scrap from your location for added convenience.

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To find out how much money you could get selling brass for scrap, contact the team at Best Way Scrap Metal today. Call now on (03) 9728 4074, or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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